Nepal Trust

A little About This Project

Office of Nepal Trust is a government entity in Nepal, instituted to manage the nationalized properties that belonged to the royal family.

This project includes Preparation of Master Plan, Comparative study and Financial analysis of different alternatives and Preparation of Lease Documents for Nepal Trust owned land at Tahachal, Kathmandu.

The report is accompanied by a cost estimate backed-up by the Economic analysis. Financial analysis of the proposed Grand Office Complex has been done under the financial benefit and cost analysis framework. Calculation of Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Net Present Value (NPV) and Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR) is also done in Economic analysis.

The scope of Project were:

  • Market study.
  • Requirements of space, facilities and services.
  • General concept with at least three options.
  • Approximate cost analysis.
  • Possible leasing terms and conditions.
  • Lease period and annual turnover analysis.
  • Master Plan and general drawings.
  • Strategic plan of operation and maintenance.
  • BOT appraisal and contract documents. The plan should be based on use of modern technology and amenities in accordance with Building Code and Bye-laws.