Gulmi Durbar RMMP

  • Client: Gulmi Darbar Rural Municipality
  • Work With: Kaustubh Developers Pvt. Ltd.
  • Status: On going
  • Duties: Survey, Mapping
  • Location: Gulmi Durbar, Province 5
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A little About This Project

Gulmi Durbar Rural Municipality is one of the local bodies formed as per the Article 295 of the constitution of Nepal 2072. The Rural Municipality carrying historical, religious, traditional and geographic importance. It expands in an area of 79.99 Square Kilometers with a population of 22,037 out of which 9124 are male and 12,913 are female(CBS). The center of this rural municipality lies at Gaundakot.

The Rural Municipality is surrounded by Chhatrakot & Chandrakot rural municipality in the east, Resunga Municipality in the west, Chandrakot rural municipality & Musikot Municipality in the north and Chhatrakot rural municipality and Argakhanchi district in the south.

The overall objective of the consulting services is to prepare the Rural Municipality Master Plan (RMMP) of Gulmi Durbar Rural Municipality. As part of RMMP preparation, necessity and accessibility planning shall be taken as an effective tool to assess the existing situation of the services and facilities. The interventions derived from the accessibility planning will represent the real needs and priorities of the local people. The planning approach shall be participatory and bottom-up from the settlement level. The implementations of such projects shall certainly be more participatory and owned by the local communities.

The RMMP shall be designed to take account of the real needs of the people for infrastructure as per vision of the city development plan that will primarily be a visionary plan. Based on this visionary plan RMMP shall be harmonized with DoLIDAR’s Approach manual to maintain similarity so that municipal transport network can be overlaid to the respective DTMP/other RMTMPs to prepare local transport network.