Dumkatta Lift Irrigation

  • Work With: Design Point Pvt. Ltd.
  • Status: Completed
  • Duties: Survey, Design, Estimate
  • Location: Sankhuwasabha, Province No 1
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A little About This Project

The proposed Dhumkatta Lift irrigation project is initiated by farmers. At the time of application, number of households had signed in the request form and agreed to follow Irrigation policy for implementation of the project. After the active request, detail feasibility study of the project has been carried out by the Ministry of Irrigation.

Non-Conventional Irrigation Project (NITP) is an alternative method of irrigation especially in the hilly region where conventional irrigation system cannot be developed due to low water availability, steep slopes etc. Non-Conventional Irrigation system is given high priority by the Department of Irrigation where there is the potential for the high-value crops. Due to high application efficiency, it has become popular in the small area with high-value crops.